Providing assistance to animals in the conditions of war is a true manifestation of humanity. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Educational Initiatives Foundation, together with its partners, has been providing food to animal shelters and service dogs working alongside the military.

The following entities received assistance:

  • Babynetsky Shelter, which takes care of animals evacuated from the front lines in Bachmut, Vovchansk, and Lyman.
  • Shelter for disabled animals in Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, operated by Daria Korh, a compassionate individual who transported animals with special needs from the front-line town of Pokrovsk to Cherkasy region.
  • A military special unit responsible for service dogs received approximately 400 kg of food.
  • “Manana” Family Shelter in the Kyiv region. The shelter provides care for over 200 sick and weak animals, including cats, dogs, and two storks who are considered long-standing members of the “community.” The shelter received 460 kg of food.
  • “Best Friends” animal shelter located in Fasova village, Makariv district, Kyiv region (operating in a conflict zone at the time of assistance). The shelter had around 800 dogs and 100 cats in need of food. Through the initiative of the foundation’s volunteers and with the support of Accord Group and partners, approximately 500 kg of food was provided to the shelter.
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