Unbreakable education
Charitable project for collecting, refurbishing, and donating computer equipment to educational institutions. Implemented within the framework of a nationwide program under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The importance of the project

According to the Ministry of Education, we are tracking a critical shortage of gadgets in educational institutions. To effectively facilitate online learning, an additional half a million devices are needed, with 253.4 thousand being critically essential.
Project Dashboard - Ministry of Education

Project Mission: To ensure equal access to quality education in times of war.

Project Objective: Strengthening the material and technical base of educational institutions. Over the course of 12 months, the project aims to deliver 10,000 computers for the needs of educational institutions.

Recipients: Institutions of advanced professional education, institutions of professional (vocational-technical) education, institutions of general secondary education, displaced higher education institutions in Ukraine. STEM hubs, educational centers, centers for scientific and technical creativity.

• The Educational Initiatives Fund conducts the collection and reception of gadgets: PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks, all-in-ones from partners based on Goods Transfer Acts.

• Data regarding the Educational Initiatives Fund's needs are independently collected through educational providers – regional educational hubs, and are validated in constant dialogue with the Directorate of Digital Transformation of the Ministry of Education.

• The IT-Integrator performs service work on the refurbishment of gadgets.

• The Educational Initiatives Fund, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, allocates refurbished equipment among educational institutions according to their needs.

• Logistics to educational institutions are covered by partners.

Information about the receipt of gadgets from partners, service maintenance, and subsequent distribution to educational institutions will be reflected on the official project dashboard. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/20fbb3f948a4461aaf2ec075175ba48e

Information for Donors
The Educational Initiatives Fund is ready to collaborate with national and international socially responsible businesses.

We offer donors and partners:
  • Media support of participation in the project on all communication platforms of partner organizations.
  • Gratitude from the Ministry of Education for participating in the charitable project to support education.
  • Full transparency in reporting on the refurbishment of computers and their transfer to educational institutions.

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