1000 universal rescue thermal blankets MILITECH were sent to the soldiers to protect them from hypothermia. This charitable initiative was implemented as part of the KSV project “Life-Saving Knowledge” initiated by the Foundation’s partner, It-integrator company, with the aim of informing the Ukrainian population about the important and necessary item of a rescue thermal blanket and protecting Ukrainians from hypothermia.

It-integrator company also provided 20,000 children’s rescue thermal blankets free of charge to schools, kindergartens, educational centers, and families in the most affected areas.

About the thermal blankets: The THERMAL BLANKET was developed over 70 years ago for NASA’s needs in the United States. The action of isophilia is based on simple principles of heat engineering. The lightweight silver-colored foil material of the rescue blanket reflects up to 90% of the body’s radiated heat, allowing to avoid hypothermia for a prolonged period of time when other heat sources are inaccessible.

Modern thermal blankets have a thickness of only 15-20 microns, making them lightweight, flexible, convenient, and easy to use for medical personnel, rescuers, military personnel, as well as an essential element of population protection in emergency situations.

The weight of the thermal blanket does not exceed 30-80 grams. In the folded state, it practically takes up no space, is moisture-resistant, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and designed for multiple uses, both for preserving body heat in adverse temperature conditions indoors or outdoors, and for thermal insulation of objects and surfaces.

Similarly, the rescue blanket will protect you from rain, snow, and wind, including protecting footwear and the face, as the material it is made of is semi-transparent and allows you to see in challenging weather conditions, even if you use it as a tent or cocoon.

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