Thermal imager for the State Emergency Service in Chernihiv region

We visited the heroes-rescuers of the State Emergency Service in Chernihiv region. We handed over a thermal imager, for which we raised funds together with you over the past month.

A warm welcome given by the rescuers to the volunteers of the Foundation, Nadiia Omelchenko and Alla Maramon, sincere joy in their eyes from the fact that now the guys have a tool that enhances the senses of an ordinary person and gives them superhero abilities, were like cold water for us who are thirsty and tired of the frantic pace of work in the rear.

From now on, the rescuers of Chernihiv region are able to see through walls, in the dark or in a smoky situation, to identify sources of ignition long before the spread of flames, to direct efforts to find people under the rubble, based on specific data.

Chernihiv region, hold on! It's hard for you, dear ... You have 457.7 km of the border with the enemy! You have those who take care of your residents every day and will work even more efficiently thanks to the thermal imager.

And our Foundation is off on a journey to the next device in favor of the communities of the Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions, where measures are also being taken to eliminate the consequences of fires.

We ask you to actively join and help us transfer such an urgently needed helper to the guys as soon as possible!

The cost of one thermal imager is UAH 150,000 including VAT.

Side by side to victory!