Life-saving means CELOX to physicians of Kharkiv region

Dear ones, how happy we are today! With the help of our friends from the STEM community in the USA, we managed to find and send critically needed life-saving means to physicians of Kharkiv region.

At the request of the Kharkiv Regional Health Department, 200 tourniquets and 300 CELOX hemostatic dressings, which are currently in huge shortage, were sent and transferred directly to ambulance teams and hospitals. We believe that they will help save more than one life!

These tools, which are indispensable in critical situations, have been carefully prepared by the team of Ukidz Toys / UGears US( and Ukidz STEM Toys ( We are happy that the Educational Initiatives Foundation is a part of the STEM community created by and we are honored to meet caring Ukrainians from the United States who are developing global education and have a philosophy of socially responsible business.

We are sincerely grateful for the assistance and help during this difficult time and we call on Ukrainian diasporas from all over the world to join as well.

Side by side to Victory!