Leleka fundraiser completed

Collection for unmanned systems LELEKA-100 has been successfully completed!
This project was extremely important for us and we were looking forward to its implementation!
Sharing the details!

The situation at the front is constantly changing, at the same time the needs of our defenders are changing. We carefully listen to the requests of our soldiers and always take a responsible approach to acquiring any assistance for the troops.

Therefore ... at the request of the SDF group, instead of the LELEKA reconnaissance wings, 4 strike UAVs were acquired, with the help of which Russian shells in the Ukrainian sky will become smaller every day. For full-fledged work, a mobile control station with specialized equipment, a lot of batteries with a charging system, and equipment for operational analysis were also purchased and transferred to the drone kit.

Meet: this is the Avenger Strike UAV, it is not afraid of hostile electronic warfare and can carry out complex missions to destroy enemy targets behind enemy lines. We sincerely believe that this bird will save many lives and will definitely bring our Victory closer. And the Avenger can also «spy» 40+ kilometers from the front line, so it is able to find targets for itself.

We are grateful to our partners, companies that have joined the fundraising, all caring people who donated to drones! Together we are stronger!

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Side by side to victory!