Tactical first aid kits for military units

The Educational Initiatives Foundation donated 288 tactical first aid kits for the needs of three military units that are on the front line.

According to Alla Maramon, the Director of the Foundation's Charitable Programs, this was made possible thanks to the participation of two dedicated women: Nadiia Omelchenko, a longtime partner of the Foundation, and Yuliia Klimeniuk from the 9-1-1 pharmaceutical chain.

“We were desperately looking for a large supply of first aid kits, because this is one of the most common requests from the military. Fortunately, due to a common partner, xxx, in the USA we met Yuliia, who helped to redistribute part of the humanitarian aid from American partners in favor of the fund,” says Alla.

Tactical first aid kits are an important part of the equipment of the military, they save the lives of our defenders. Prompt and high-quality pre-medical medical care on the battlefield helps to avoid critical blood loss, to prevent the aggravation of the condition of the wounded or injured.

A tactical first aid kit contains all the necessary tools, in particular, hemostatic drugs, essential medicines designed to quickly respond to traumatic and gunshot injuries.

The Foundation team is grateful for the help of our partners and friends. Together with you, we have the opportunity to take care of our defenders and protect their lives!

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