How we help the rescue services of Ukraine

russian aggression has increased the load on the rescue services of Ukraine tenfold.

Ukrainian heroic rescuers selflessly fulfill their duties, but they lack both basic things, such as boots, clothes, helmets, goggles, gloves, and special rescue equipment, which would improve their work efficiency several times.

  • Protective Equipment
In war conditions, centralized provision from the state does not cover all the needs of rescuers. Due to the intensity of use, real property becomes unsuitable after a few days of use. 
We are raising funds for helmets, fireproof clothing and boots, fire hoses and first aid kits.

  • Professional Equipment
Due to working in the line of fire and in conditions of uncertainty, the rescuers must be armed with additional protective and professional equipment.
We are raising funds for body armor, portable radios and thermal imaging cameras.

  • Early Warning Systems
Uncontrolled and untimely detected fires have catastrophic consequences, scatter the efforts and time of rescuers and lead to unnecessary expenditure of human and material resources.
We provide rescuers with software and hardware solutions responsible for automatic detection and monitoring of fires at an early stage.

We, the volunteers of the Educational Initiatives Foundation, encourage you to help the helpers.

Every saved life of a rescuer is hundreds of lives of civilians. Each gloved hand stretched out into the hole under the rubble is a hope that was not there before!

How to join?

Side by side to Victory!