Provided necessary equipment to drone hunters

The team of the Educational Initiatives Fund, together with partners, provided necessary equipment to drone hunters!

At the request of the guys from the mobile rapid response brigade for combating aerial targets, the following was provided:

a charging station on a solar panel, heaters, flashlights, sleeping bags.

We are grateful to our partners, including charitable organizations, who helped us promptly collect the necessary items for the guys.

We thank VLUV, the NGO "Together for the Future of Ukraine", and LLC "Enjoy Invest" for their help and support.

We would like to separately highlight Hlib Stupak (tag), the head of the NGO "Center for Innovation and Partnership Y. Mentor", for his constant assistance to the military and personal transfer of collected equipment for drone hunters in eastern Ukraine.

Join our activities! We will be glad for any help!

Shoulder to shoulder towards Victory! 🇺🇦