Sweets for the military from students of Lyceum No. 79

You have no idea what the defenders on the front line asked to buy with the funds raised for them by second-grade students of the Lyceum of Information Technologies No. 79.

SWEETS! Barberries, duchesses, lollipops and caramels with a sweet taste of childhood and peaceful life!

Sending them to the soldiers, we were glad to be able to give them a piece of childhood sincerity, faith in a bright future and the desire to make the difficult life of a soldier sweeter, if only for a moment.

Enjoy, our bright angels. Each of these sweets is not just a yummy, but a charm filled with children's gratitude, warm hugs and smiles!

Thanks to the children of Lyceum No.79 and their class teacher for their sincere desire to help. This is the case that eloquently confirms that anyone can join and every hryvnia matters.

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Side by Side to Victory!