Help for rescuers of the State Emergency Service from colleagues in the U.S.

Our friends are incredible people! Eugene Tarasov from San Francisco, California did not stay away from the war in Ukraine and created the Hearts for Ukraine Charitable Foundation on his own, which actively helps and regularly delivers critical goods to organizations in all regions of Ukraine.

Our cooperation with Hearts for Ukraine can be called a true friendship. Including thanks to the friendship of Alla Maramon, Director of Charitable Programs of the Educational Initiatives Foundation, and Eugene Tarasov.

With the support of Hearts for Ukraine, we managed to provide the rescuers of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Chernihiv region with overalls, additional protective equipment and hold a unique teleconference with American firefighters!
The team of Hearts for Ukraine were deeply affected by the heroic work of our rescuers that they undertook to help in providing the necessary things! Thanks to Refugio Llamas who was served in the United States Marine Corps with Mark and Valentin Tarasov, Eugene’s brothers, we connected with Los Banos Fire Department!

Colleagues from the Los Banos Fire Department, California donated a lot of important equipment for our rescue teams: full sets of uniforms (jacket, trousers, overalls, gloves, socks), helmets, body armor, cylinders, rubber gloves, special equipment.
We are grateful to Hearts for Ukraine, Los Banos Fire Department for your support and help, which is extremely valuable to us! We are happy that our Help the helpers project found a response in your hearts and together we can take care of our heroes.

The experience of the rescue units of Ukraine in war conditions is invaluable and we definitely have a lot to share with international rescue services.
Thus, representatives of the Los Banos Fire Department, California, USA expressed a desire to communicate with our rescuers and were impressed by the specifics of the work, problems and needs of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service. The specialists of the Chernihiv Emergency Rescue Unit managed to convey the scale of the disaster in a professional language using the example of one Ukrainian region and expand the understanding of the diversity of the tasks of Ukrainian rescuers: firefighting, demining, debris removal and most importantly – saving lives.

Together with the representatives of the Educational Initiatives Foundation Alla Maramon and Nadiia Omelchenko, a unique teleconference was organized between the Emergency Rescue Units of Chernihiv and Los Banos Fire Department, California, USA. In live and sincere communication, our rescuers shared their results and spoke about the difficulties and challenges of working in war conditions: the border with the enemy, a large area of ​​mines, constant shelling and large-scale destruction, which are still being sorted out.

Our American colleagues expressed their undoubted support and readiness to help Ukrainian rescuers in the future!

Side by side to victory!