Help for the Military

Dear friends, we continue to help the military structures to bring our desired Victory over the invaders closer. And we urge everyone to do the same, not stopping for a minute and not forgetting the heroes who defend our country around the clock.

Together with our leading partner IT-Integrator, this week we have collected and sent another batch of aid for our military.

Collected and handed over to the military on the front lines:

✅ netting masks – 16 pcs.
✅memory cards – 5 pcs.
✅ plate carriers – 3 pcs.
✅Hygiene products and fast food

The key units of the country's defense received:

✅Tactical first-aid kits
✅Unloading vests
✅ Socks.

Our employees, who currently serve with honor in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were given:

✅2 KEVLAR helmets
✅2 body armor
✅2 plate carriers.

We consider the transfer of five PVC boats, which were urgently needed by our defenders in the East, to be our special achievement this week. Thanks to the active participation of Vitalii Rozdobutko and Nadine Omelchenko, we were able to quickly raise funds and purchase such necessary boats.

Every aid given to the military is a pleasant moment, which in the midst of war we can consider the pleasure of what we do. And we are confident that any support stubbornly brings us one step closer to Victory.

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