Charity initiative “Together we are strong” in support of medical laboratories has been successfully completed

“Together we are strong!” – a charitable initiative aimed at supporting Ukrainian laboratories, which was implemented by the Educational Initiatives Foundation together with the Лаблайф: постачання медичних лабораторій (LabLife company: supplies of medical laboratories) have been successfully completed!

Finally, we can report that all medical institutions that were waiting for the necessary equipment as part of our charitable initiative received assistance in full!

It was incredibly pleasant to hear sincere words of gratitude from laboratory workers who received medical equipment for diagnostic tests.

For our team of the Educational Initiatives Foundation, the educational side of this project is extremely important, and we are pleased to announce that this philosophy is supported by the specialists of the company “LabLife”, who conducted professional training in the use of equipment in 4 laboratories, namely:
- Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, Ternopil city – automatic hematology analyzer HumaCount 80TS;
- Zakarpattia Antitumor Center of the Zakarpattia Regional Council, Uzhhorod city – electrolyte analyzer Humalyte Plus 5;
- Ohmatdyt, Lviv city – electrolyte analyzer Humalyte Plus 5;
- Regional Children's Hospital, Odessa city – electrolyte analyzer Humalyte Plus 5.

Every word of gratitude from the heads of laboratories went straight to the heart. Such results inspire us to continue to help tirelessly and do everything possible so that Ukrainian laboratories work fully, efficiently and uninterruptedly even in such a difficult time for the country!

Once again, we would like to express our gratitude for the professional support and support of this charitable project to our partners - Лаблайф: постачання
медичних лабораторій (LabLife: supply of medical laboratories) and the company “Human”! Together we were able to install high-quality and accurate equipment in laboratories and provide educational support!

Working together to bring our Ukraine closer to victory!