First aid kits for the military from American partners

We continue to report on the results of cooperation with our friends, the Hearts for Ukraine Charitable Foundation, the United States of America, thanks to which we received individual first-aid kits for the needs of the military and rescuers in the war zone.

The kits were handed over to military units, special units, military counter-intelligence, and the state emergency services in the most affected regions of Ukraine as needed.

We are grateful to Evgen, who personally flew to Kyiv to take part in the transfer of first-aid kits, and to the Hearts for Ukraine Foundation team for your concern for Ukraine and regular assistance for doctors, military, civilians and rescue services!

We also appreciate cooperation with other volunteers Iryna Belotserkovets, Tanya Shevchenko and the Charitable Foundations Anomaly, Hope.

Please join our volunteer mission. Invite friends from abroad to help. For our part, our team is ready to be an intermediary and a guide in helping the neediest groups in Ukraine.

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Side by side to victory! 🇺🇦