Food packages for Kherson region

Friends, each of us follows the progress of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the liberation of Ukrainian territories from invaders! Together with the entire volunteer community, we must continue our work and help provide people in the liberated territories with vital things.

A friendly team of volunteers from the Educational Initiatives Foundation, the Foundation for the Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine and the Hearts for Ukraine (USA) helps civilians and the most vulnerable segments of the population in the de-occupied territories. Together, we have put together grocery sets with the most necessary long-term food: cereals, canned food, etc. and supplemented them with hygiene products.

We are grateful to the caring and courageous volunteers Oleksandr Fedchenko and Dmytro Molchanov, who, despite the danger and constant shelling, have the courage to visit the front-line zones and personally communicate with people who are waiting for help.
Last week, we collected and distributed over 600 food packages to people in Kherson and the Kherson region.

We, like the Armed Forces of Ukraine, do not stop and continue to prepare the next batch of food packages for people in the Ukrainian lands liberated from the invaders.

Join our cause! We welcome any help from every person and company!
 Now we are starting to cooperate with METRO Ukraine.

If you have the opportunity and desire to provide food, hygiene products, warm clothes, medicines and other necessary things for people in the de-occupied territories, write to the Project Coordinator Alla Maramon:

With faith in the AFU!
Side by side to victory! 🇺🇦