Humanitarian aid to Kharkiv region

Our Ukrainian Volunteer Mission continues to work successfully: together with international partners and friends from DOLONKA.UA, the Foundation has provided assistance to those categories of the population of Kharkiv and the region that need it the most. This time, the temporarily displaced persons, low-income people, the disabled and the elderly received such necessary food, baby food and hygiene products.

“This project has two components, without which the impact on the lives of people in a situation of humanitarian disaster would be impossible. The first is the activity of Ukrainian ambassadors, such as Viacheslav Shamrai, a friend of the Foundation, who understand the importance of further encouraging foreigners to continue helping. We cannot do it without them. And the second – the local organizations that know where the region “hurts” the most and have the power to deliver aid, despite the threat to life”, - says Ihor Starenkyi, Director of Educational Projects of our Foundation.

Thank you Viacheslav Shamrai for fulfilling the international mission. Gordon Liljegren – for indifference, for the fact that together with Ukrainians you bring closer the Victory over the “darkness” and “shackles” of imperialism. We honor the courage of DOLONKA.UA volunteers led by @Neshchenko Serhii, who turn numerous humanitarian aid arrivals into smiles of people who receive individual kits. We are proud of you and your heroism!

Dear reader, we urge you to join the Ukrainian Volunteer Mission of our Foundation. If you have friends, colleagues, partners abroad, tell them about us and our initiatives. From abroad it may seem difficult and unattainable to get to specific people in need in Ukraine, that is why there is the Educational Initiatives Foundation, which takes care of supporting the cargo and volunteers, if necessary. Together we can become conductors of the energy of good!

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