Humanitarian aid for medical laboratories with LabLife

Friends, we share with you a successful initiative in the medical field, which the EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES FOUNDATION is implementing together with LabLife to support domestic laboratories and hospitals and ensure their full-fledged work.

LabLife joined the efforts of European partners HUMAN (Germany) and Orphee (Switzerland) and organized the supply of humanitarian aid for 10 hospitals in different regions of Ukraine in accordance with their critical needs.

The batch of aid that arrived in Ukraine includes laboratory equipment, diagnostic reagents and consumables manufactured by HUMAN and Orphee.

A feature of this initiative is the additional holding of consultations and trainings on the use of equipment for employees of regional laboratories, where assistance will be sent. Thus, we not only cover the need for medical laboratory equipment, but also implement the educational process for medical professionals.

We are very grateful to everyone involved in this project.

Separate words of gratitude are expressed to foreign organizations supporting Ukraine in difficult times!

Soon we will be happy to share new details of the implementation of this charitable initiative.

Side by side to victory!