Good night

A bedtime story, the most common evening ritual that each of us remembers from childhood, has become inaccessible to many families of internally displaced persons. Unfortunately, in the triangle: the listener, the book and the loving reader, one important element is often missing and these are books of fairy tales in the singing Ukrainian language.

At our Foundation, we are launching a new Good Night initiative in which we invite everyone to donate books to families who have fled their homes in search of safety. Please note that we are talking specifically about internally displaced persons. In addition to fairy tales, we need Ukrainian educational, developmental and other children's literature, coloring books, manuals on the history of Ukraine, fiction and popular science publications on the history of the Ukrainian state, culture, the Armed Forces etc.

We will sort all the collected books and materials and send them to refugee settlement locations, as well as to those who leave a request via the link marked “GOOD NIGHT”.

Yes, the needs of internally displaced people are much more than books, but we sincerely believe that bedtime stories are the best way to instill moral values ​​in children and strengthen the bond between them and their parents.

Side by side to Victory!