Help to the family shelter “Manana”

The Foundation's team does not remain indifferent to the needs of “our smaller friends”. This time, together with ROYAL CANIN UKRAINE, we helped the Manana family shelter in Kyiv region.
The shelter occupies more than 200 sick and infirm animals: cats, dogs and two storks, who are old-timers of the “community”.

With the outbreak of the war, the problem of providing food for the animals in the shelter became more acute. Animals can survive only thanks to the help of caring people with big hearts.
We are grateful for the help and support to our partner, ROYAL CANIN UKRAINE, which donated 460 kg of feed for the needs of the shelter.

Join the projects of the Educational Initiatives Foundation (, choose the one you like, and help soldiers, rescuers or ordinary Ukrainians who find themselves in difficult conditions due to the war.

And by the way, the storks of the refuge fully support our LELEKA 100 initiative and invite you to join the fundraising for Ukrainian-made UAVs for scouts.

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