The Educational Initiatives Foundation will create a hub “Skills of the Future” for IDPs in Cherkasy

The Educational Initiatives Foundation begins the creation of educational hub “Skills of the Future” in Cherkasy. The project is being implemented to ensure equal access to quality education for internally displaced persons, with the support of UNDP in Ukraine, the Cherkasy Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education of Teachers, the Accord Group company and within the framework of the projects “Civil Society for the Development of Democracy and Human Rights in Ukraine” and “EU for Dialogue”.
An educational hub should create conditions for obtaining the necessary educational services for both students and their parents, including the organization of the possibility of acquiring digital competencies. The accompanying goal of creating a hub is the assimilation of internally displaced persons in the local community by providing a dialogue platform to relieve possible tensions.
The educational hub “Skills of the Future” in Cherkasy is 4 STEM trainers, an Internet-connected computer lab with a set of educational electronics for workshops and STEM projects, capable of providing educational services to 240 people every month.
“The educational hub as a center of education and STEM environment has unique opportunities for obtaining a comprehensive result. At the same time, we provide access to high-quality education, train specialists for professions of the 21st century and positively influence the harmonization of internally displaced persons in new communities,” says Anton Dziuba, Chairman of the Board of the Educational Initiatives Foundation.
The creation of an educational hub in Cherkasy is only the first step towards the restoration of a powerful national network of institutions that will provide the educational needs of communities that do not have the technical conditions for distance education and conducting STEM classes for pupils, students and adults.
“We cannot allow a significant part of internally displaced children not to have access to distance education due to lack of technical capabilities. For many of them, this is the only way to continue their education in the midst of war. Accord Group will make every effort to ensure that the educational hub in Cherkasy appears as soon as possible and will continue to support the Educational Initiatives Foundation,” comments Valerii Berehovyi, CEO of Accord Group.
We remind you that the abbreviation STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is a multidisciplinary approach to learning that combines science, technology and creativity. Its basis is the implementation of projects that stimulate students' non-standard thinking and effective teamwork skills.
The project is being implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Educational Initiatives Foundation” as part of the UNDP project “EU for Dialogue: Strengthening Ukraine’s Resilience to Respond to the Urgent Needs of Central and Local Authorities and the War Affected Population” with financial support from the European Union (EU).

“Educational Initiatives Foundation” - in peacetime, it is engaged in the development of youth in order to increase the level of entrepreneurial culture and management efficiency in Ukraine. To do this, the Foundation creates ecosystems that are close to business realities. Now during the war, the main task of the Foundation is to help rescue services, humanitarian assistance to the victims and displaced people and protect the civilian population.
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