The first report on the Goodnight project

Friends, let us tell you how the Goodnight project is doing, which has been collecting Ukrainian books for the past three months and sending them to different parts of Ukraine and the world for the needs of families of internally displaced persons.

Through the efforts of the Foundation's volunteers Надія Омельченко (Nadiia
Omelchenko), Elizabeth Maramon, Olena Troyan, Ievgeniia Pulnieva, Вікторія Кучеровська (Viktoriia Kucherovska) and others, the story that began with Olena Goncharenko's modest request for Ukrainian literature for her daughter Solomiika, with whom they left for Denmark, turned into a powerful movement that embraced thousands of people in Ukraine and abroad.
The project partners were Львівське радіо / Lviv Radio, Accord Group, ІТ-Інтегратор, Megatrade / Мегатрейд, Nota Group, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, UCU, Gradovskaya Gymnasium of the Lviv City Council, Бібліотека сад (Library Garden) in Lviv, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Ukrainian fairy tales, collections of poems, short stories and other works of fiction have made it to reading in Denmark, Latvia, in the centers of migrants in Zakarpattia region, Odessa region and other regions of Ukraine.

Y The adventures of our packages with books can be recounted in a fairy tale of their own. Thus, some of the books were delivered to Denmark by volunteers from Cherkasy, who carry out regular humanitarian flights. And the other was personally delivered by our friend Sean from UK4UA. In September, when a large commune of Ukrainians gathers in Denmark, Solomiika will distribute the treasures among the members of the community.

Books arrived at Your Friends Society Biedrība "Tavi draugi"( in Latvia thanks to the help of Львівське радіо / Lviv Radio staff and volunteers from Lviv. In Odessa, we were helped by the volunteer center "Hospitable Hut", which deals with 500-700 displaced families every day. And to the Charitable organization "ALL WILL BE UKRAINE" we donated not only books, but also toys, stationery, hygiene products and food for babies from the Charitable foundation Hearts for Ukraine, California.

We keep collecting! We want to continue delighting our little angels with kind and native fairy tales, stories and poems. We invite companies, educational institutions, libraries and all those who care to cooperate. For more information, visit or call 0800351018.

Thank you! Together to victory!