Participated in the Educational Robotics Conference

On April 14, the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Educational Robotics” was held with the participation of Anton Dziuba, the Chairman of the Board of the Charitable Fund “Fund for Educational Initiatives”.

We applaud the efforts of the teams from the Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education, the Federation of Employers' Organizations of Dnipropetrovsk Region and the Dnipropetrovsk Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity, who found the strength to talk about the future of education now, when the attention of the whole country is mainly focused on solving pressing problems.

The conference has become a platform for building future educational strategies and sharing experiences and opinions. They talked about rethinking Ukrainian STEM education – 2022, new projects, organizational and scientific and methodological foundations for creating STEM Centers, ways to introduce robotics and STEM education technology.

The very fact of holding such an educational conference today inspires hope. Thanks to the organizers and all speakers for communication!

Conference materials at the following link.