Transfer of tactical backpack and first aid kits

​The Education Initiative Foundation, together with partners, continues to support military units in providing medical supplies, as there is now a great need for tactical medicine and medical support on the front lines.

So, with the support of Megatrade volunteers, we donated a tactical medical backpack for a military medic and 10 individual first aid kits to the 243rd battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is in the south of Ukraine.

The tactical backpack, compiled according to NATO standards, is a mini-hospital with the necessary fillings, making it possible not only to provide first aid to casualties, but also to perform minor surgery.

Many thanks to the Megatrade team for their readiness to support the Foundation's charitable initiatives. We value our cooperation immensely!

We are also grateful for the coordination of the initiative and assistance in completing the tactical medical backpack of the Charitable Foundation “Soloma Cats” and Kseniia Semenova personally.

Side by side to victory! 🇺🇦