We collect on “swallows” for Armed Forces

Flew in. Hit the target. Flew to a safe distance. This is how mobile fire groups or fireteams work.

Now, in conditions when offensive actions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not always possible, their influence on the course of events on the front line cannot be overestimated. The enemy goes to hell with quality and around the clock. In addition, mobile teams are used for reconnaissance to correct artillery and destroy columns of enemy equipment.

Maneuverability and life of SEALs from mobile groups is in our hands! We collect on “swallows”. All-wheel drive pickups, jeeps or minibuses are suitable. There is a need for four cars in total!

UAH 640,000 is required for the purchase.

Join the fundraiser and the next Russian tank will be burned in your honor!

Spread our posts and invite friends.

Side by Side to Victory!