Help Kharkiv rescuers

By supporting this project with any amount, you are saving Ukrainians whose lives are in danger right now.

It is at this moment that the rescuers of the Kharkiv garrison of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies disassemble the rubble, eliminate the fires caused by shelling, carry out repairs, provide evacuation and neutralize ammunition or other explosive objects. Ambulances try to arrive promptly to rescue people in the “hottest” places in Kharkiv and the region.
We urge you to help the helpers. Each saved life of a rescuer is hundreds of lives of civilians. Each gloved hand stretched out into the hole under the rubble is a hope that was not there before!

Unfortunately, in war conditions, centralized support does not always arrive promptly, and the intensive use of clothing property, due to a significant amount of involvements, leads to its uselessness after a few days of use. In addition, rescuers, due to their work in the line of fire, must be armed with additional protective equipment, such as body armor. Therefore, we need the strength of ordinary people and volunteers to cover urgent needs here and now.

We aim to raise funds for:

  • body armor – 5000 pcs.
  • helmets – 5000 pcs.
  • fireproof clothing for firefighters – 5000 pcs.
  • portable radios for civilian use – 200 pcs.
  • fire hoses – 100 pcs.
  • first-aid kits – 100 pcs.

Thanks to the support of people, we have already been able to purchase and transfer humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and footwear to rescuers. However, we continue to collect funds in order to be able to support the residents of Kharkiv region, Kharkiv and its residents and quickly purchase the most necessary things, materials and supplies.

How to join?

Side by side to Victory!