Weekly report on the work of the Foundation

Friends, every day of the Foundation's work is as productive as possible: we receive requests, look for a variety of things, promptly deliver everything necessary to our military, and we do it all thanks to your support and the stable involvement of our partners!

This week the Foundation's team together with IT-Integrator provided another aid to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The military unit on the front line received:
-   ASUS laptops – 2 pcs.
-   Camouflage nets and camouflage suits KIKIMORA – 16 pcs.
-   Sweets boxes – 3 pcs.
-   Sport fits – 300 pcs.

Border guards in the south of the country received urgently needed:
-   Laptops – 2 pcs.

Thank you! Each of your help is an outstanding contribution to our overall volunteer efforts!
Each satisfied request from our military is a small step towards victory.

Each piece of equipment, camouflage suit, and package of sweets is invaluable help that the guys on the front lines look forward to and enjoy!

Join our cause and be sure that we appreciate any of your participation and help!

‼ Side by side to Victory ‼