We are creating an interregional resource center for temporarily displaced persons. Join now!

Currently, due to active hostilities, a large number of families with children have left for the western regions of Ukraine, in particular Zakarpatska region. The infrastructure of cities and towns hosting temporarily internally displaced persons, especially their educational opportunities, is not designed to solve both the tasks of basic education and meet the special needs of this audience, in particular, psychological support for children.

For example, the Uzhhorod City Territorial Community places temporarily displaced people in general education institutions, gyms, and after-school institutions, which jeopardizes the educational process for local residents.

It is the conviction of our team that the situation requires immediate intervention. First and foremost, we need to focus on creating an interregional educational and resource center. Such a Center as a regional hub, in addition to providing educational and psychological services, will ensure an effective partnership in social and economic activities between all interested parties, in particular the state, business and society, and help organize social integration processes in a state of war.

At the initial stage we propose the following joint activities:
- technical support for training using remote platforms (schools) recommended by the Ministry of Education and Ukraine;
- conducting educational activities based on project activities (STEM-education);
- psychological support for families with children in order to overcome post-traumatic syndrome.

Considering the powerful positive psycho-emotional effect of the STEM-education format, namely increased self-confidence due to the feeling of involvement in the global digital processes, consolation due to the gamification elements embedded in the educational process, we attach great importance to the inclusion of STEM-training and STEM-projects in the Center.

Now we are restoring the circle of partners and project participants. There are already teachers, STEM-trainers, in particular, from the Donetsk region, which have extensive experience in distance learning and working with children during the war and are ready to work at the Center, there is equipment for the organization of the educational process in the STEM-lab. We have established cooperation with several distance learning schools, which are ready to provide free access to training through the platform for the organization of distance learning (recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

We require safe transportation of equipment and teachers from Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, living quarters for teachers and staff of the Center, room and furniture for the organization of the educational process, computer equipment.

If you'd like to help financially or in terms of resources, please click HERE and fill out the application with the word "Interregional Educational Center".

For additional questions, please contact Ihor Starenkyi,

Tel.: +380443503635