Humanitarian aid for the needs of children in the Kharkiv region

Friends, we do not forget about the core audience for our Foundation – children and youth. While working on projects for the Kharkiv rescuers, we saw the terrible conditions that families with children are in and began to look for ways to help.

Consolation came from the Swedish partners of the great friend of our Foundation, Vyacheslav Shamrai and his wife, and marked the beginning of a new page in the work of our organization.

Thanks to Viacheslav, it was possible to attract international volunteers to help the children of Kharkiv region, among whom the figure of Gordon Liljegren, a Swedish entrepreneur who cares about the fate of Ukrainian children, stands out, especially in terms of his influence.

So, international volunteers have collected humanitarian aid for us in the form of food, baby food, hygiene products and children's clothing. At the same time, while in Kyiv, we were looking for a local partner in Kharkiv region, who would understand the local conditions.

Thus, we got acquainted with the DOLONKI.UA Foundation, whose team ensured the delivery of parcels to places where people need help the most.

DOLONKI.UA delivered humanitarian cargo to Rohan, an urban-type settlement in Kharkiv region, as well as to Obrii, one of the districts of Kharkiv city. Both settlements have been under shelling since the first days of the war, and there is still no water and electricity supply in Rohan.

We are confident that the international volunteer community that we have begun to gather in this project will allow us to significantly increase our activities and provide humanitarian assistance to more people in need!

Side by side to Victory!