Raising funds for LELEKA 100 UAV for scouts

No wonder the developers of the domestic UAV called their product “Leleka”. This bird is a symbol of hope and rebirth, which brings with it their arrival in spring.

In the case of LELEKA 100, symbolism is supported by very useful properties of the device: reconnaissance, analysis of the enemy's plan of action, identification of Russian equipment and planning of liquidation operations based on the received data.

We at the Educational Initiatives Foundation have vowed to raise funds for the purchase of two complexes of two “birds” each for intelligence units with a total cost of UAH 4.628 million.

Our “birds” will bring hope to soldiers and death to enemies, because they can reach speed up to 140 km/h and adjust artillery fire to a depth of 50 km. The complex is adapted to work in a difficult radio environment, in the mode of deliberate setting of radio interference or blocking satellite navigation systems.

Join the acquisition of Ukraine-born LELEKA 100 UAVs – support the domestic manufacturer and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the same time!

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