Furniture for Bobrytsk Lyceum

Education in the conditions of war, destruction and the destruction of educational infrastructure are the most painful issues for our "Educational Initiatives Foundation."

Today, we would like to share with you the story of Bobrytsk Lyceum in Bobryk village, Kyiv region, which suffered significant damage during the enemy army's offensive. For a month, the educational institution was occupied by the enemy! They destroyed and stole everything they could! Miraculously, the building of the lyceum survived, which was saved from a Russian projectile by the Christmas trees, taking the hit! The explosion wave and debris knocked out and damaged the roof, windows, doors, ceiling, classrooms, cafeteria, and everything that was left inside.

With the support of our partner, IT-integrator company, Bobrytsk Lyceum received over 50 office desks for the educational institution's teachers, equipment for teacher's lounge, classrooms, medical office, creative space.

If you have the opportunity to help the institution with furniture, provide educational literature, computer equipment, or other materials for learning, please contact the director, Tetiana Kuts.

Join our cause! We continue to help educational institutions and will be grateful for any support.

Shoulder-to-shoulder to Victory!