Animal shelter “Best Friends”

In these difficult circumstances, we should not forget that our little friends need our attention.

Therefore, as part of the Fund's tasks in wartime, we will also provide humanitarian assistance to organizations that deal with animals, including shelters.

The team of the Fund for Educational Initiatives, together with Accord Group and partners, transferred about 500 kg of food to the Animal Shelter “Best Friends”, which is located in Fasova village, Kyiv region, Makarivskyi district – in a hot spot of hostilities.

By the beginning of the war, there were more than 1000 animals there. During the fighting this shelter was repeatedly hit by shelling and bombing. Almost 300 cats died, puppies and teenage dogs were burned. The food that was at that moment in the warehouse of the shelter burned to the ground, the water supply was destroyed. Half of the enclosures in the shelter burned down, windows and doors in the house with cats were destroyed by explosions.

However, most of the animals were saved thanks to the manager of the shelter, Khrystyna and her brave husband. During the shelling and during quiet hours, Khrystyna and her husband do not leave the animals behind, they drive, feed and care for them every day. Today, the number of animals in need of food is about 800 dogs and 100 cats.

Side by side to Victory!