Supported the military unit together with "IT-Integrator"

Thanks to the team of “IT-Integrator” LLC for their help!

Thanks to the company's participation, we handed over to the defenders from our sponsored unit:

  • 15 laptops
  • 15 power banks 10 000 mh
  • 3 switches
  • 2 printers
  • 3 4G modems
and many more useful things.

According to the Vice President of IT-Integrator, Nadiia Omelchenko, it is a great honor for the company to help the military, people who bravely defend us all, fight the enemy and are unstoppable in their movement towards the Victory. And to work together with other volunteers – each of them can be proud of, because today they are doing their best for the sake of the country and its future.

Everyone has their own front. The Fund for Educational Initiatives helps to protect our Ukraine during the hostilities in order to continue to develop children and youth in peacetime.

How to support the fund?

Side by side to Victory!