Helping shelter in Bakhmut

Helping animals in times of war is an expression of true humanity.

We are proud of our friendship with our colleagues and partners from the Hearts for Ukraine Foundation (USA), who not only provide regular assistance to the military, rescuers in need in Ukraine, but also take care of our smaller brothers who are in need in the hottest spots of Ukraine.
The Babynets shelter was the first to receive help in the form of food from the H4U Foundation. Now 64 dogs evacuated from the frontline: Bakhmut, Volchansk and Lyman, and have something to eat.

All rescued dogs are silent witnesses of the war unleashed by russia. Some dogs have lost their owners. Many animals are injured. All of them received severe psychological trauma and require rehabilitation and treatment. They still remember the terrible sounds of bombs and rockets, so any walk along a noisy street is a real test for them.

Equally important in this story are the people. Maryna Khmara is engaged in animal rehabilitation at the Babynets shelter. Maryna is a lecturer at the University of Kyiv. She also has super strength. Maryna visits front-line cities to save lives. Lives of animals.

A deep bow to the people who care about our smaller brothers in this difficult time for Ukraine. Every life saved is priceless!

We continue to provide assistance to animal shelters in the most affected regions of Ukraine.
Join us!

Side by side to victory! 🇺🇦