New deliveries to the front line together with IT-Integrator

Dear friends, all the forces of our country are aimed at victory. In the work of the Foundation, we are constantly confronted with incredible stories of courage and determination on the part of ordinary people who stand in support of the humanitarian front.

It is thanks to them that our soldiers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine can receive the necessary things that enhance their defense capability.

So, last week, together with a team of “IT-Integrator” LLC volunteers headed by Nadiia Omelchenko, we managed to meet the needs of several military units from different parts of Ukraine at once.

The front-line military unit has already received:
  • Laptop, bag, power bank and 4G modem;
  • Multifunction device and cartridge;
  • Turnstiles; tactical gloves;
  • Tourist tiles and gas cylinders.

The military unit in the south received:
  • 3G routers with external antenna and unlimited mobile communication packages;
  • Multifunction device and cartridges;
  • USB Hub – 2 pcs.;
  • SSD 120 Gb.

Another front-line military unit received:
  • Plate carriers with plates 2 pcs.;
  • Uniforms (trousers; coat) 2 sets.

The military unit defending the perimeters of the capital received:
  • Laptops, bags, mice – 2 sets;
  • Power banks – 9 pcs.

The public service performing special tasks received:
  • Laptops, bags, mice – 2 sets;

The following items have already been sent to the military unit in Zaporizhzhia:
  • Sleeping bags – 30 pcs.;
  • Thermoses.

Another special military unit received:
  • HP DesignJet T230 plotter with WiFi
  • 8 boxes of sublimates and fast food;
  • 125 tactical points;
  • 54 tactical backpacks;
  • canned food and sweets;
  • 7 protective suits “Kikimora”;
  • 125 pairs of tactical knee pads and elbow pads.

We continue to work and send every hryvnia received from philanthropists to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, rescuers affected by hostilities.

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