The third car in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Miracles happen! Proven by the Educational Initiatives Foundation.

At that moment, when the hands are ready to give up... Unexpectedly. An anonymous transaction that turns the situation upside down. And the team is jumping with happiness and delight, because, in spite of everything, the new car goes to the front line.

Thank you, our secret benefactor, connoisseur of fire teams and their skillful jewelry work.
We know that the guys already want to go “hunting”, but they also took the time to say thanks. Quote: Your example is indicative. We sincerely thank you for your help. We wish you prosperity, good luck and personal happiness!

We are especially pleased that the Foundation has a new partner in this project -
We also want to acknowledge the contribution of Katola Oleg and Nadine Omelchenko for active cooperation, thanks to which our successes are increasing and opportunities are expanding.

Don't forget that another fire team is looking forward to their “swallow-helper”!
Join the SUV fundraiser! Thanks to your help, the efforts and results of our guys on the front line will multiply!

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