30 tons of humanitarian aid for the military

Global support and lend-lease are good, but we ourselves do not lag behind and daily help bring our Victory closer.

Another week of unceasing struggle of Ukrainians is over, and therefore it is time to report on our “rear” affairs.

This week, the Educational Initiatives Foundation, together with the IT-Integrator team, transferred a total of 30 tons of humanitarian aid.

The following was transferred to the military unit in the East of the country:
  • 1 plotter
  • 7 mosquito nets
  • 200 tactical glasses
  • 20 medicine packs
  • 8 packs of protein bars

The soldiers on the front line received:
  • 2 KEVLAR helmets
  • 2 body armor
  • 2 plate carriers

The following were sent to the military special forces unit:
  • 15 unloadings
  • 5 tactical first aid kits
  • 70 pairs of tactical socks

Also, 10 sleeping bags were handed over to the military.

Two military units received USB cables for programming Motorola radios.

Special thanks to the Lithuanian volunteers who donated high-quality knee pads and balaclavas for our defenders.

To confirm our report and to motivate you to be more active in helping, we are adding photos of our defenders, whom we were able to support this week.

Side by side to Victory!