Another aid to the military unit

The Fund for Educational Initiatives continues its activities on the “Humanitarian Front” of the country.

We are very grateful to our partners and everyone who joins the Fund's assistance in carrying out the assigned tasks in wartime.

So, with the support of the IT-Integrator team and Nadiia Omelchenko, the Vice President of the company, we managed to ensure the fulfillment of requests for the purchase of necessary things for the military.

The following was found and purchased:
  • backpacks for 30-40 liters – 400 pcs.
  • sleeping bags and mats – 100 pcs.
  • universal batteries (power bank) from 10000mAh – 100 pcs.

We remind you that we regularly receive requests from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical institutions, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies and other organizations for assistance and, together with partners, ensure their implementation.

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