The Foundation is expanding international cooperation

The team of the Educational Initiatives Foundation is actively looking for partners to increase our opportunities in the implementation of charitable projects and assistance to Ukraine!

We strive to expand our communication and engagement with the world by attracting the international community and all possible foreign organizations to help firefighters, military personnel, and children in Ukraine.

The Educational Initiatives Foundation is grateful for the support of our key partner, the IT-Integrator company, represented by Nadiia Omelchenko, Vice President of the company, who tirelessly fights on the volunteer front together with the Foundation team.

In order to expand international contacts and imitate the experience of volunteering, Nadiia Omelchenko and Alla Maramon, Director of Charitable Programs of the Foundation, took part in a NOVATORE TALKS meeting “Economic resilience in times of war” and talked with representatives of charitable organizations in Riga (Latvia) who help Ukrainians.

Association “Your Friends” ( is one of the most powerful charitable organizations in Latvia. They deliver humanitarian aid to Ukraine and help Ukrainians in Latvia.

The meeting with the Charitable Foundation, which systematically and permanently implements programs to support Ukraine, was also important.

The result of the meetings in Latvia:
  • Agreement on cooperation within the framework of the “Goodnight” initiative – the Educational Initiatives Foundation will send part of the books in Ukrainian to Latvia for our children in displaced families.
  • Support in targeted assistance in Ukraine.
  •  Willingness to support educational projects in Ukraine after the Victory.

We are grateful to for the opportunity to be heard in Latvia. And also to “Your Friends” Association and Charitable Foundation

If you have friends abroad who have the ability and inspiration to help, tell them about our Foundation and invite them to register via the link.

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