More than 4 million Ukrainians left their homes as a result of the war. As the shock of what they've been through slowly eases, they will face the need to move on and find their place among communities abroad.

Language is a universal unifying tool. And it is English used all over the world that will definitely come in handy for them.

That is why we, the Educational Initiatives Foundation, together with “IT-Integrator” LLC and the Center “Development of Corporate Social Responsibility”, are launching a new free online initiative, Freedom English.

“Freedom English” is an English class for free people who left Ukraine because of the war. This is a contribution to their adaptation through improved communication skills.

The project will cover both children and adults:
  • English for Children, within which groups will be united by age;
  • Basic English for adults to use the language at a domestic level (A1-A2);
  • Business English for adults (B1-B2).

We are looking for volunteers with an English level of at least C1 to teach online courses “Freedom English”:
  • final year students,
  • interns,
  • teachers.

Details for volunteers regarding the program
Register until April 30, 2022 inclusive here