Medical gloves for hospitals and military units

We are grateful for the help of our international partners, who provide invaluable support in providing Ukrainians with the necessary things.

Our friends from the Hearts for Ukraine Foundation, United States of America, provided us with a huge amount of medical gloves for the needs of doctors and the military.

Medical gloves were handed over to military hospitals and military units in the most affected regions of Ukraine, where doctors continuously save the lives of civilians and military personnel!

We also donated some of the gloves to the Charitable Foundation “Soloma Cats” to complete first-aid kits for the military, participants in tactical medicine training.

We invite you to join our volunteer mission. Attract friends from abroad, use powerful force to help Ukraine. For our part, our Foundation is ready to become an intermediary and conductor of their efforts to the most needy groups.

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Side by side to victory! 🇺🇦