Due to the war, one and a half million children in Ukraine are in the territories affected by shelling and blockade.
They do not receive proper medical care and do not have access to education.
Our goal is to protect them!
Areas of Work
Urgent aid to civilians who are in the greatest difficulty, victims of hostilities and temporarily displaced persons.
Protection of
Urgent assistance with purchases for the defenders of Ukraine on the front line.
Education and
Ensuring access to education and developing the scientific potential of young people despite the war.

Ensuring access to medical services, supply of medicines, medical and social equipment and facilities.
Your help will give hope, comfort, rescue.

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Programs and Projects in progress
Interregional Educational and Resource Center
Currently, due to active hostilities, a large number of families with children have left for the western regions of Ukraine, in particular Zakarpatska region. The infrastructure of cities and towns hosting temporarily internally displaced persons, especially their educational opportunities, is not designed to solve both the tasks of basic education and meet the special needs of this audience, in particular, psychological support for children.

For example, the Uzhhorod City Territorial Community places temporarily displaced people in general education institutions, gyms, and after-school institutions, which jeopardizes the educational process for local residents.

It is the conviction of our team that the situation requires immediate intervention. First and foremost, we need to focus on creating an interregional educational and resource center. Such a Center as a regional hub, in addition to providing educational and psychological services, will ensure an effective partnership in social and economic activities between all interested parties, in particular the state, business and society, and help organize social integration processes in a state of war.

At the initial stage we propose the following joint activities:
- technical support for training using remote platforms (schools) recommended by the Ministry of Education and Ukraine;
- conducting educational activities based on project activities (STEM-education);
- psychological support for families with children in order to overcome post-traumatic syndrome.

Considering the powerful positive psycho-emotional effect of the STEM-education format, namely increased self-confidence due to the feeling of involvement in the global digital processes, consolation due to the gamification elements embedded in the educational process, we attach great importance to the inclusion of STEM-training and STEM-projects in the Center.

Now we are restoring the circle of partners and project participants. There are already teachers, STEM-trainers, in particular, from the Donetsk region, which have extensive experience in distance learning and working with children during the war and are ready to work at the Center, there is equipment for the organization of the educational process in the STEM-lab. We have established cooperation with several distance learning schools, which are ready to provide free access to training through the platform for the organization of distance learning (recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

We require safe transportation of equipment and teachers from Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, living quarters for teachers and staff of the Center, room and furniture for the organization of the educational process, computer equipment.

If you'd like to help financially or in terms of resources, please click HERE and fill out the application with the word "Interregional Educational Center".

For additional questions, please contact Ihor Starenkyi,
+38067 547 77 22,
Education as a consolation
Today, Ukrainian children suffer not only from military actions, they are active participants and hostages of a traumatic informational agenda.

In order to develop and comfort children, the team of the Fund engaged volunteer teachers and launched online lessons in Ukrainian and English, mathematics and geography in Zoom for everyone from March 1, 2022.

We've noticed a significant positive response from both children and their parents, considering the circumstances of the suspension of the educational process in some regions of Ukraine, because of emigration or a desire to organize a healthy routine.

At present, more than 100 children are involved in the project. They are united through communities in Telegram. The number of students in the group ranges from 10 to 25 students. However, the lesson takes place even if only one child joins the class.

If you would like your child to participate, click on the LINK and fill out the form with "Education as a consolation."

If you would like to help financially, as a teacher, or as a volunteer, please follow this LINK and fill out the form with "Education as a consolation".

For additional questions, please contact, Viktoriia Kucherovska,
+380 98 079 68 07,
Help the helpers
Since the beginning of the war, the rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine provide protection for the civilian population from the consequences of hostilities. Every day they clear rubble, extinguish fires caused by shelling, carry out repairs, provide evacuations, and dispose of ammunition or other explosive objects. Ambulances are trying to quickly arrive to rescue people in the “hottest” cities and regions.

Unfortunately, in war conditions, centralized support for SESU does not always arrive promptly, and the intensive use of clothing property due to a significant number of involvements leads to its uselessness after a few days of use. In addition, rescuers, due to work in the line of fire, must be armed with additional protective equipment, such as body armor and helmets.
Realizing the critical need for high-quality continuous work of SESU and other rescue services, the Educational Initiatives Foundation undertook to systematically provide assistance to rescuers from different regions of Ukraine.

We have focused our efforts both on providing ammunition and consumables, and on equipping rescuers with special modern means, equipment and gear that improve their efficiency at times.
For the needs of the State Emergency Service, the following items have already been purchased and donated: body armor and portable radio stations, protective clothing and footwear for civilian use by rescuers.

The Foundation constantly monitors needs and accepts requests for assistance from the State Emergency Service. We continue to raise funds to promptly purchase the most necessary things, materials and consumables.

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For additional questions, please contact Alla Maramon, the Director of Charitable Programs
+380 67 445 04 64
Results of Activity

For 10 years of work the Fund has implemented a number of successful projects, which have determined the further development of entire industries in Ukraine: IT-education, entrepreneurial culture, venture capital investment, youth and educational policy.

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