Amplifiers for DNA identification 
Collection for two amplifiers “Veriti Pro 96-well Thermal Cycler HID / PCR System” manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) for the State Scientific Research Forensic Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. See one step ahead. See the victory.

What makes the “Hawk Eyes” unit so unique?
“Hawk eyes” is a versatile tool for comprehensive reconnaissance consisting of 6 levels:

Surveillance cameras, Commercial drones, Industrial copters, Tactical UAVs, Strategic UAVs, Satellite reconnaissance. This approach enables the Ukrainian military to plan effective offensive operations and preemptive defensive strikes.

Scale of operation
960 km² effective area coverage

Rapid response
12 hours to deploy mobile and stationary command posts

Ability to become the “eyes” of any type of military branch

Control over any area of interest

Real-time coordination
Coordination over any type of military branch’s live ops in real-time

Instant analysis of incoming data to enable life-saving decisions

About donations
Our big goal is to raise UAH 317,000,000 to equip the unit.

Donated so far:

UAVs - 14 units

Copters - 183 units

Pro-grade cameras- 50 units

Trucks - 77 units

Buggies - 40 units

Computer equipment - 315 units

Starlink terminals

and handheld radios- 404 units

Civil operations

“Hawk eyes” will remain operational even after Ukraine wins the war.The unit’s technical capabilities make it a valuable asset for containing and controlling natural disasters: fires, earthquakes, avalanches, and more. This is exactly where our mobility comes in handy. We have the ability to arrive at the location and swiftly survey the territory affected by natural disaster through long- and short-distance aerial reconnaissance.

Smart Approach

We fight with our brains and with tech. This enables us to see one step ahead and have any situation under complete control.

Mobility & Rapid Response

Our autonomous mobile command posts can be quickly deployed to any location in order to supply current data for fast and effective decision-making.


“Hawk Eyes” personnel are patriots determined to use their talents and knowledge to achieve victory for Ukraine. We consciously select only those people who realize the value and responsibility that comes with serving their country—those who will keep our air recon operations up to the highest standard.

The "Educational Initiatives Fund" is the official partner of the air reconnaissance unit Territorial Defense Forces The Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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